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Sustainable Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

Our Mission

At Horizen, our mission is to craft products that conscientiously address their impact on animals, the environment, and humanity. 

We’re committed to sustainable innovation and finding solutions to reduce plastic waste.

In a bid to make tracker tags more accessible, we set out to supply a high-quality, Apple-certified tracking gadget. That’s where the Horizen Tracker Tag comes in, ensuring compatibility and reliable performance with Apple devices.

When paired with our certified durable and waterproof tracker tag cases, they can handle whatever you throw at them – rain, mud, you name it – keeping your belongings safe on all your adventures.

We produce our tracker tag cases locally in South Africa helping us to reduce carbon emissions and support local producers.

To further our commitment to sustainability, we utilise 3D printing to reduce material waste and our 3D filament recycling program transforms scraps into recycled filament.

Our Journey of Sustainability

In 2023, we set out to create the ultimate AirTag case. Conscious of the environmental toll from conventional manufacturing, we opted to produce locally in South Africa, reducing carbon emissions and supporting local producers.

We couldn’t ignore the carbon footprint of international transport, the mounting plastic waste crisis, and the harsh realities of mass production on worker well-being.

Local Production

Crafting our cases in South Africa, we support local producers and reduce our carbon footprint.


Exploring recycled plastic, we found innovative solutions to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Small batch production

Adopting 3D printing, we created durable cases with less material waste.

1% for Nature: FreeMe Wildlife

At Horizen, we are deeply committed to conservation and protecting South Africa’s wildlife heritage. That’s why we are proud to support FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in their mission to rehabilitate and release indigenous animals back into their natural habitats.

Horizen donates 1% of our revenue to FreeMe Wildlife, helping to fund their vital work. Every purchase of our products contributes to this cause, allowing FreeMe Wildlife to continue their efforts in healing and protecting nature’s wounded guardians.

3D Printing Innovation

Enter 3D Printing. This innovative technology offered a cost-effective, localised manufacturing solution with the benefit of reduced material waste.

3D-printing offers the benefit of reduced material waste compared to traditional plastic manufacturing methods. But, the use of virgin 3D plastic filament and plastic filament waste presented new challenges.

Failed 3D prints often go in the bin and end up in landfills or incinerated, contributing to the landfill problem and greenhouse gas emissions.

With 90% less energy used in recycling plastic, it was the right step towards sustainability.

3d printed airtag case

3D Filament Recycling Program

Our 3D filament recycling program ensures that our failed 3D prints are sorted by brand, type, and colour at the source.

The sorting process maintains the integrity of the 3D filament plastic. We then transform the scraps into recycled 3D filament to minimise waste and transportation emissions. 

Horizen – Nature’s Ally. Adventure’s Best Friend

Our Commitment to You and Our Planet

Horizen’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond products. From small-batch manufacturing to recycling, we’re striving to do better. As we grow, so does our commitment to using more recycled materials. By 2026, our goal is 100% recycled and recyclable materials.


Horizen is a companion for South Africa’s nature lovers, providing peace of mind and sustainable protection for your belongings.

Our approach blends innovation with sustainability, ensuring our products safeguard Africa’s biodiversity for generations to come.

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