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Apple Tracker Tag

Horizen Tracker Tag for Apple

Tiny tracker, big peace of mind.

The Horizen Tracker Tag makes it easy to keep track of all your important belongings, with Apple’s Find My app.
Apple MFi certified, it ensures compatibility and quality for safe, reliable performance with Apple devices.

Starting from Only R 285

Find it nearby.

Losing something as crucial as your keys is no fuss when they’re equipped with the Horizen Tracker Tag. Simply trigger a sound from its built-in speaker by navigating to the new Items tab in Apple’s Find My app. If they’re playing hide and seek nearby just follow the sound, and your search is a wrap.

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Find it far away.

When your dog wanders off, your luggage goes missing, or your bicycle gets stolen, the vast Find My network — which includes millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices worldwide — steps in to locate the Apple Tracker Tag, whether it’s nearby or far away. Plus, Apple’s Find My app safeguards your privacy at every turn.

How it works.

The Horizen Tracker Tag emits a secure Bluetooth signal detectable by nearby devices within Apple’s Find My network. These devices relay the location of the Apple Tracker Tag to iCloud, allowing you to pinpoint it on a map within the Find My app. The entire process is anonymous and encrypted, ensuring your privacy remains intact. Plus, it’s designed to be efficient, eliminating concerns about battery life or data usage.

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Apple Tracker Tag

Get notified when its found.

Just like your other Apple devices, you can activate Lost Mode within Apple’s Find My app. When the Apple Tracker Tag is detected by a device within the network, you’ll receive a notification. Additionally, you can set it to show your contact information to someone who finds it.

Share it with your peeps.

With iOS 17, you can share your Tracker Tag with up to five people. That means things that matter to everyone — like a bike, a pet, or the car keys — can be easily tracked by your trusted circle of friends and family.

smart tracker tags
Air tag tracker

1-tap set-up.

Setting up your Tracker Tag is as easy as one tap, seamlessly connecting it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Simply give it a name, attach it to the item you wish to track, and you’re all set.


1-Year battery life.

The Horizen Tracker Tag is built to keep running for up to a year on a standard battery that’s conveniently replaceable. Plus, your iPhone will alert you when it’s time to swap in a fresh one.

Shield your Smart Tracker Tag and safeguard your belongings.

Hitch your tracker tag or Air Tag to your bike, or attach one to your dog. Horizen’s rugged cases provide robust, waterproof protection for your smart tracker tag or AirTag every step of the way. They’re designed for virtually anything outdoors and are compatible with both Horizen Tracker Tag and Apple AirTags.

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