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Stick-on Case 2.0


Horizen’s Stick-on Case 2.0 with its reliable tape attachment is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your Horizen Tracker Tag in any environment.

Support Wildlife Conservation: With every purchase, 1% goes to FreeMe Wildlife, aiding their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate indigenous animals.

Horizen’s Stick-on Case 2.0 for Horizen Tracker Tag is designed to endure the toughest outdoor conditions.

  • Equipped with durable outdoor double-sided tape, this lightweight hidden smart tag holder adheres securely to your car, motorbike, trailer, or almost any other movable asset, keeping your tracker tag hidden and your valuables safe.
  • With a waterproof seal, this tracker tag sticker is perfect for adventures in wet environments. Its certified IP68 rating offers enhanced dust and water resistance for rigorous outdoor activities.
  • Certified Durability: With a 1J impact resistance rating, it withstands drops from heights up to 5 metres and is shockproof.

What’s Included:

  • Stick-on Case 2.0
  • Heavy-duty Outdoor Double-sided Tape
  • Waterproof Seal
  • 4 x Screws
  • Allen Key

Local Production: We produce tracker tag cases locally in South Africa to reduce carbon emissions and support local producers.

3D Printed for Sustainability: Our cases are 3D printed to reduce material waste and our 3D filament recycling program transforms scraps into recycled filament.

* Compatible with Horizen Tracker Tag. Compatible with Apple AirTag.
* Horizen Tracker Tag and Apple AirTag not included.
* Colour may vary slightly from photos. 

Size: 40 mm (W) x 40 mm (L) x 11 mm (H)

  • Certified IP68 Dust and Water Resistance: IP68 rating for enhanced dust and water resistance (maximum depth of 2 metres continuously) under IEC standard 60529. Ensures that your device remains protected even in scenarios such as deeper water immersion, accidental drops into water bodies, and longer exposure to water.
  • Certified 1J impact resistance rating: Withstands drops from heights up to 5 metres and is shockproof.
  • Secure Attachment: User-friendly screws keep your smart tag firmly in place.
  • Snug Fit: The enclosure provides a secure fit around your smart tag, ensuring it stays in place.

Packaging and Transport Plastic-free Packaging

Product Design Designed for durability, Recycling program

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