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Horizen has introduced the Horizen Tracker Tag, a smart tracking device designed to protect and pinpoint important belongings via Apple’s Find My app. Complete with durable cases, the solution offers iPhone users a simple way to track everything from car keys and bags to bikes and cherished pets.

This innovative device ensures Apple users can easily locate their items using Apple’s Find My app. Losing your car keys or leaving something behind is no longer a hassle with the Horizen Tracker Tag. Simply pinpoint the tag’s location in Apple’s Find My app.

With iOS 17, you can share your tracker tag with up to five people, enabling seamless tracking of shared items among your trusted friends and family. From car keys to bikes, and even cars, easily keep track of what matters most to everyone in your circle.

Whether the tagged item is nearby or far away, the vast Find My network, including millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, helps locate the item worldwide.

Setting up the Horizen Tracker Tag is as easy as one tap, seamlessly connecting it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With a battery life of up to one year and convenient battery replacement, you can rely on your Tracker Tag to keep running without interruption.

But how exactly does the Horizen Tracker Tag work? Here are some frequent questions answered.

What Does Horizen Tracker Tag Do?

The Horizen Tracker Tags uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with nearby Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. When within range, these devices can detect the Tracker Tag’s signal and relay its location to Apple’s Find My app.

Do Horizen Tracker Tags Work Without Wi-Fi?

Horizen Tracker Tags do not rely on Wi-Fi for tracking. Instead, they utilise Bluetooth technology and Apple’s Find My network.

What’s the Range of the Horizen Tracker Tag?

Horizen Tracker Tags operate within the Bluetooth coverage area, offering a range of about 30 metres. They can be tracked wherever there is a compatible Apple device within this range, allowing for reliable tracking capabilities in various environments.

How Long Does the Horizen Tracker Tag Battery Last?

The battery life of the Horizen Tracker Tag can last up to one year, providing long-term tracking functionality. Should your battery die, it’s easily replaceable.

Which Apple Devices Support the Horizen Tracker Tag?

Horizen Tracker Tags are compatible with most iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.5 or later.

Where Do Horizen Tracker Tags Work?

Horizen Tracker Tags work globally, making them a great solution for tracking your belongings no matter where you are.

How Does Horizen Tracker Tag Work?

The Horizen Tracker Tag emits a secure Bluetooth signal detectable by nearby devices within Apple’s Find My network. These devices relay the location of the Tracker Tag to iCloud, allowing one to pinpoint it on a map within the Find My app. The entire process is anonymous and encrypted, ensuring one’s privacy remains protected.

Horizen Tracker Tag Size 

The Horizen Tracker Tag is compact, measuring approximately 32 millimetres in diameter and 9 millimetres in thickness. This small form design allows Horizen Tracker Tags to be discreetly attached to items without adding unnecessary bulk.

Horizen Tracker Tag Weight

Designed for portability, the Horizen Tracker Tag is light, weighing approximately 6 grams. This lightweight construction allows you to attach the device to your keys, bag, suitcase or other belongings without adding noticeable weight or discomfort.

Is the Horizen Tracker Tag Waterproof?

Despite its impressive tracking capabilities, the Horizen Tracker Tag does have its limitations. It is not waterproof. However, Horizen has waterproof cases that help make these devices foolproof. 

Horizen offers a range of rugged cases designed to protect your Tracker Tag in any environment. From water-resistant bike mounts to pet collar attachments and vehicle mounts, Horizen ensures your valuables stay secure no matter the adventure.

Horizen’s tracker tag cases offer enhanced water resistance suited for rigorous outdoor activities. These cases are rated IP68 (for continuous submersion up to 2 metres) under IEC standard 60529. This ensures your device remains protected even in scenarios such as deep water immersion, accidental drops into water bodies, and prolonged exposure to water.

In conclusion, the Horizen Tracker Tag offers a seamless solution for tracking your belongings with precision and ease. With its compact size and long-lasting battery life, it provides peace of mind knowing you can locate your items whenever they go missing. However, it’s essential to ensure your Tracker Tag is protected, especially in outdoor environments. That’s where our durable, water-resistant cases come in. Designed to withstand the elements, our cases make your Tracker Tag foolproof, whether you’re exploring rugged terrains or simply going about your daily routine. Get your Horizen Tracker Tag today and experience the freedom of worry-free tracking.

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